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Top Luxury Wedding Car Models to Consider for Your Dream Wedding

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Organising your dream wedding is always a challenge. From finding the perfect venue to a stunning wedding gown, everything has to be perfect. One important aspect of your wedding that cannot be missed is your wedding car.

A wedding car is the perfect way to showcase your personality. It offers an amazing way to start the wedding with style. Imagine stepping down to your venue out from a classic white or black beauty with your mates. Seems exciting, doesn’t it?

With a plethora of options available for your wedding car, you can select one that reflects your style perfectly. In this blog, we will discuss the best wedding car models to consider for your dream wedding.

The best wedding car models to consider for your dream wedding.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

When looking for the perfect wedding car, there should be no other place, to begin with than this beauty. Nothing exudes more luxury and prestige than a Rolls-Royce. For years, the Silver Cloud is serving as the pinnacle of traditional wedding vehicles. The Silver Cloud production dates back to 1955-1966. With its old-school appearance, you can add a rustic touch to your wedding. 

Bentley MK6

Moving on from Silver Cloud can be a little hard, but this Bentley surely lives up to its predecessor. If you are more into traditional wedding styles and want to make an entrance that is worth remembering, this vehicle is just the fit for you. Your guests will rejoice at its classic wedding car shape, and you can be certain that you will be arriving on your special day in style.

Aston Martin DB5

Now, let’s switch a little from the more traditional style of wedding car with this sporty classic. Aston Martin DB5 was popularised in the 1960s by none other than our 007 agent (James Bond) in Goldfinger. The famous Aston Martins DB series is associated with luxury and class, and this is certainly one of the most loved itineration.

Lamborghini Aventador

If you and your partner are more into contemporary style and want to make a wedding entrance in the most powerful manner, Lamborghini Aventador might be just what you are looking for. Without a doubt, the Aventador calls for a dramatic entrance that will surely keep your guest gaping at your style.

Maserati Quattroporte

If you’re looking for a bit more luxurious and modern wheels for your special day, we highly recommend opting for Maserati Quattroporte. This vehicle will surely add a little bit of spice and Italian flair to your wedding. With a lightning speed of 176 MPH, there is no risk of getting late for your special day. Just make sure to roll up your windows so your hair stays in order.

Jaguar E-Type

Time to add a little royal touch to your wedding. The unmatched design of the Jaguar is indicated as power around the world. No Surprise that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) chose to drive this away from their wedding reception. You can also follow in their footsteps and take this beauty to go for an after-reception ride with the love of your life.

Citroen Traction Avant

We will finish our list of top luxury wedding cars with the showstopper Citroen traction Avant. Love is the first thing that will pop into your mind when you see this stunning beauty. It is one of the most romantic cars to exist till present. With its beautiful lustrous shine and classic rustic appeal, you would want to escape to a wonderland with your significant other.

Get Your Dream Wedding Car

Choosing a wedding car may seem like a small and quick decision, but in reality, it holds significant importance for your style. Step into style on your big day with your choice of vehicles, and leave your guests astounded.

If you are having trouble finding reliable and stunning wheels for your big day, get in touch with Royal Event Cars. We have a wide variety of the best wedding cars in Cambridge to make your big day even more special.

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